Poof Be Gone Slimming Cream
Poof Be Gone Slimming Cream

    Poof! Pow! Be Gone! Say good-bye to those stubborn areas that just won’t leave.

    There is not a secret pill or potion to get rid of fat but we do have a little trick up our sleeves! Our Poof Be Gone Slimming Cream will target your unwanted areas and stop the fat production while releasing the fat preserves in the areas that the cream is placed.Increase your metabolic rate up to 18 times while burning calories.

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  • Encourages thermogenic activity during exercise 
  • Targets specific problem areas 
  • Circulation promotion 
  • Increase sweat 

Do I have to work out to see results? 

Our slimming cream works efficiently when exercising occurs. 

Does this cream have an odor? 

No. Our cream actually has a sweet subtle scent. 

How will I know when this is working? 

You will definitely see an increase in sweat production on the areas that our cream is placed once you are active. 

Can I sleep in this cream? 

Unless you are participating in a triathlon in your sleep, we do not recommend it. Our cream is effective while you are active.

Apply cream to selected area. Rub in a circular motion. Place plastic wrap (saran wrap) around the area. If you are using this for your abdomen; a waist trainer works phenomenal after applying the wrap.

Mineral Oil, Beta Carotene, Ceresin, Paraffin, Essential Oils, Jojoba and Coconut Oil.