About Us

I’m too tired. I’m too fat. I’m too skinny. I can’t stand my blemishes. Can you please not use flash! This is my good side. Red lipstick doesn’t go well with my teeth shade. Does my butt look flat in these jeans? If only I could lose 6 lbs for my trip tomorrow. How much does Dr. so and so cost for lipo? When that income tax drops, I’m flying overseas for my transformation. The list of complaints, wishes, hopes, and desires goes on and on. 

The Bougie Bar was designed to serve as a place that ladies can not only relax and unwind but enjoy the various collections to maintain your bougie. With every product, research has been conducted to ensure the highest quality and value. We don’t just throw products out there in hopes that you like it. We have tried, redesigned, and triple checked to ensure that you will Love them. Our experts are backed by health care degrees and are equipped to answer all of your questions/concerns. 

Be bougie with no apology!