What exactly does bougie mean?

Some may think that bougie means to aspire to a higher class than another person. Some may coin this word as uppity, saditty, or typically “she thinks she’s cute or better than me.” My answer to that is, “I know I’m cute and I’m better than who I was yesterday.” The only competition that ladies should be inis with who they were the day prior. Wanting the finer things in life is sometimes mistaken for being bougie. My answer to that is, “I am the finest thing in life.” 

 What’s wrong with having confidence in yourself? 

Preferences are choices and shouldn’t define who you are. At the bougie bar, our mission is to serve you the best because that is what you deserve. Cheers! 

Is a detox going to make me stay in the bathroom? 

A detox is a release of toxins and harmful substances. In order to rid your body of these wastes, using the restroom and sweating will occur. Water consumption should always be increased to aid in the process of detoxification. 

Do I have to join the gym for the weight loss pills to work? 

Simple answer, No! Correct answer, it is advisable to incorporate some type of exercise regimen while you are embarking on your weight loss journey. Cardio is healthy and definitely a great addition to our weight loss pills. Ladies, once the weight is gone you should want to keep it tight. Join our bougie club for the latest in health tips and tricks. 

What is the difference between you and the other company I’ve heard about? 

We can’t speak for others but we can vouch for ourselves. We have done the research and have tested our products before we became public. We do not compete with others based on products and prices and neither should you. The biggest investment you can make in life is in yourself. Your health is yourwealth and should be treated as such. 

If I have questions, am I going to be transferred to some robotic answering service? 

Don’t you just hate that? Absolutely not! Our bougieologists will reply to all messages within 24 hours. We will answer any and all questions, no matter the sensitivity. We are skilled in every aspect of our products and have healthcare backgrounds to support our replies. 

Do you have a referral program? 

Bougie Blessings is currently being developed. You will be blessed for passing the word resulting in a sale. Stay tuned and subscribe. 

Do you accept returns? 

Our products are triple checked to ensure accuracy by our quality control dept. Returns will be accepted at the buyer’s expense. A restocking fee will also be deducted from the original method of payment. 

I am trying to lose weight, what product would be best for me? 

The most successful way to embark on our weight loss journey is to cleanse (detox) first. Once your body is rid of all toxins, then one of our weight loss supplements should follow. All of this should be done while remaining hydrated with water and eating smart. We are currently working on an e-book to walk you through eating, exercising, and remaining bougie at all costs. 

I really do not like working out but I want to try those lipo in a bottle pills. Will I see any results? 

You will definitely see results. It may not be as quick as someone who is active. We have clients who have lost a substantial amount of weight without exercising. 

How does shipping work? 

We are currently offering domestic flat rate shipping of$4.99 but if you spend $50 or more shipping is free. No order is too small or too big to take advantage of our shipping rate