The Semi-Sample Sale

The semi-sample sale is going on NOW! All of our most popular items are only $4.99 and there is no limit. Don’t hesitate to look great! And of course, the shipping is FREE!

Lipo, BBL, ultrasonic cavitation, cool sculpting and fat freeze therapy will cost you time and money.  The Bougie Bar has decided to unleash its secret weapon, “The Triple B Tea”. You’re probably wondering what is the triple B.  Of course the three things we are and aspire to be: Bougie, Bad and to have that Body!  Our tea is designed to cut your body fat, detox and cleanse, and suppress your appetite.  We have been perfecting this tea and we are 110% overly satisfied. You have nothing to lose but inches! 


Colon Cleanse On The Rocks

We flush the toilet to get rid of the waste, right? So why aren't you cleansing your colon to get rid of toxins?  Our colon on average can hold 10-20 lbs of uneliminated waste in it at all times.  We are currently offering 14 day colon cleanse to help support your weight loss program, provide energy, remove toxins/unhealthy substances, improve your liver function, and decrease the risk of colon cancer. If you are looking for an efficient program that gets the job done, try the colon cleanse on the rocks.  

Water consumption should be increased for maximum results. The cleanse should be taken at night before you sleep. 

The Bougie Bar Weight Loss Lipo Pill

Listen up ladies! Aside from diamonds, we have found your best friend. This pill is lipo in a bottle.First and foremost YES you have to work out to see results with these pills. Unfortunately, the detox tea runs that you do to the bathroom does not count as exercise!CLA is the main component in our pill. The conjugated linoleic acid decreases body fat while increasing lean muscle mass. The existing fat is then used for energy and hinders fat storage. So what that means in English is CLA works to shrink your belly by stopping the growth and destroying fat cells.Let’s be real, you have to do some type of exercising to get the full effect. Incorporate cardio to maximize your results, power walking around the mall catching deals did the trick for me!

Ms. Bougie’s Body Blast Tea

Detox + Weight loss= The Ultimate Bougie Body BlastOur tea promotes cleansing, healthy digestion, detoxification, fat burning, metabolism booster, and calorie depletion. We have combined all of the essentials needed to give you an hourglass physique.If you are looking for a more intense tea that will give you quicker results, this is the tea for you. It is advisable to incorporate an exercise routine as well as an increase in water to maximize your results.Available in four tasty flavors.