The Bougie Body Bar

  • All Natural
  • Handmade 
  • Lasts several weeks 
  • Free of synthetic materials

Bougie Body Bar

Our “Bougie Body Bar” is not your average bar soap. Our soaps are designed to cleanse and moisturize your body while providing a bougie aftermath. Each of our soaps carry a unique and rich scent that will not only have people lurking at your heels but will fill you with confidence as you enter ANY room. Not to mention, our soaps are just so cute!

We are currently offering 4 amazing flavors:

-Don’t get salty with me (hint of lavender oil, charcoal and himalayan sea salt) 

-Some pep in my step (smooth blend of peppermint, cocoa and honey) 

-No shade like a tree (perfect mixture of eucalyptus, tea tree oil and a dash of almond oil) 

-Life gave me lemons (cocoa, shea butter and lemon butter)

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Most Soaps leave my skin dry. Will your soap do the same?
Absolutely not! Our soaps are infused with oil’s that do not promote dry skin

What exactly is the “bougie aftermath?” 
Have you ever been somewhere and the scent of a person entraps you? We are that scent honey! Lather up and leave them at your heels. 

Are your soaps safe to use on my face? 
Yes! Our soaps are very gentle for your face and provides a thorough and efficient cleanse.  


  • Handmade
  • Lasts several weeks 
  • Free of synthetic materials 
  • Generous lather 
  • No dyes or added preservatives
  • All natural  


  • Wet your Bougie Body Bar with water 
  • Work up a good lather with your hands or washrag 
  • Activate your inner bougie 


  • Plant based ingredients 
  • Pure essential oils 


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