Colon Cleanse On The Rocks

We flush the toilet to get rid of the waste, right? So why aren't you cleansing your colon to get rid of toxins?  Our colon on average can hold 10-20 lbs of uneliminated waste in it at all times.  We are currently offering 14 day colon cleanse to help support your weight loss program, provide energy, remove toxins/unhealthy substances, improve your liver function, and decrease the risk of colon cancer. If you are looking for an efficient program that gets the job done, try the colon cleanse on the rocks.  

Water consumption should be increased for maximum results. The cleanse should be taken at night before you sleep. 

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• Cleanses toxins and supports healthy bowel movements 

•Cleanses the body of excess waste while providing an increase in energy 

•Diminishes bloating•Supports weight loss

Do I have to diet? 

Here at The Bougie Bar, we are strong advocates for clean eating habits. To get the most out of anycleanse or diet it is essential to incorporate a healthy lifestyle. Water is the biggest component in ourcolon cleanse on the rocks. Fiber comes into play when we are cleansing the colon and removing mucusbuild up found on the intestinal walls. 

How will I know that the colon cleanse is working?When you take your am bowel movement; you will know! Increase your water intake! 

I am pregnant; can I use your product?We are beyond blessed on your inquiry, but our colon cleanse is not suggested for pregnant and nursingmothers. 

Will I lose weight?By adding an increase in water, eating clean, and lowering your caloric intake, you may see a decrease inyour weight, reduction in your stomach, and an increase in your energy level. 

How often can I cleanse? 

Once every 6-8 weeks.

Take 1 to 2 capsules at bedtime with 8 ounces of waterdaily for up to 14 days, or as directed by a healthcareprofessional. Do not repeat cleansing programfor at least 6-8 weeks.

Senna leaf, cascara sagrada Bark, psyllium husk powder, flaxseed powder, aloe Vera gel, licorice root, rice powder, bovine, vegetable magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide.