The Bougie Bar Weight Loss Lipo Pill
The Bougie Bar Weight Loss Lipo PillThe Bougie Bar Weight Loss Lipo PillThe Bougie Bar Weight Loss Lipo Pill

    Listen up ladies! Aside from diamonds, we have found your best friend. This pill is lipo in a bottle.

    First and foremost YES you have to work out to see results with these pills. Unfortunately, the detox tea runs that you do to the bathroom does not count as exercise!

    CLA is the main component in our pill. The conjugated linoleic acid decreases body fat while increasing lean muscle mass. The existing fat is then used for energy and hinders fat storage. So what that means in English is CLA works to shrink your belly by stopping the growth and destroying fat cells.  It also helps to maintain weight loss while retaining lean muscle mass. Say good-bye to that dreaded saggy skin left as a souvenir from weight loss.  

    Let’s be real, you have to do some type of exercising to get the full effect. Incorporate cardio to maximize your results, power walking around the mall catching deals did the trick for me!

    Each package comes with a 1 month supply.

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  • Burns Fat 
  • Boosts Metabolism 
  • Antioxidant 
  • Assists in Immune Support 
  • Gain Muscle Strength 
  •  Increase Metabolic Rate

What is CLA? 

CLA stands for Conjugated Linoleic Acid. It is an essential fatty acid that has been shown to help reduce body fat while maintaining muscle which causes saggy skin to diminish.CLA causes your fat cells to be less willing to store fat. CLA influences the enzymes that control fat growth causing the cells to be less likely to swell and grow bigger. It forces the fat cells to maintain a healthy size so that they can’t experience run away growth as fat is consumed which is how weight maintenance occurs.CLA also increases your body’s rate of fat burning. Since the fat cells become less willing to store fat, the excess fatty acids in the blood need to be burned off. It has also been shown to help counter the metabolic slow down caused by dieting. 

How many lipo pills will I receive? 

 With each order. you will receive a month's supply which is 90 pills. 

Do I really need to join a gym to see results? 

Absolutely NOT!!! You can incorporate a cardio regimen in the comfort of your home. You can incorporate jumping jacks, walk the treadmill, jog,planks, etc. It all will help in burning calories and making you sweat. 

Being that the lipo pills will burn fat, do I need to diet? 

To reap the benefits and to maximize your results, eat clean. Make healthy choices. You cannot have a big mac, xl fries, and a diet soda and expect major changes in your body.

As a weight loss supplement, take 1 softgel three times daily with meals. 

As a pre-workout addition, take 1-2 soft gels with food 30 minutes before exercising.

CLA and safflower oil.