The Carb Blocker
The Carb Blocker
    Ms. Bougie has been receiving many emails on a day to day basis and the most common topic is carbohydrates.  How can I eliminate carbs? How many carbs can I take? The list of questions are endless and I have done something about it.  I have found the perfect and natural solution to fight those carbs to keep the weight off.  Lets block those starches, prevent carbs from being fully digested, suppress your appetite, and inhibit alpha-amylase enzymes.  Starches and unhealthy carbohydrates are the enemies of any healthy weight loss regimen and our pills will help you in keeping the fat from forming.
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  • Carb Blocker 
  • Fat Eliminator 
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How does it work? 

Carb blockers stop the enzymes that digest complex carbs by preventing them from providing calories or raising blood sugar. 

What are complex carbs? 

Complex carbs are made up of sugar molecules strung together. Complex carbs are found in whole grains, legumes, and starchy vegetables which contains longer chains of sugar molecules. These carbs takes more time for the body to break down and use. The worst carbs to eat are: processed grains, chips, pastries, cakes,white rice, white flour, cereals with few grains and much sugar, french fries, white bread, etc. 

Can my husband take these? 

Yes maam. Ms. Bougie does not discriminate. 

I think I may be pregnant, can I still take these? 

Congrats on the possible great news of this bougie bundle of joy, but I would advise you to contact your health care provider first. 

I have kidney failure, can I take these since kidney beans are listed? 

Please consult with your health care provider.

Take 2 capsules directly before 2 of your largest meals of the day. Do not exceed more than 4 pills per day.

White kidney bean, cellulose, rice flour and magnesium stearate